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Costa Rica, a country that occupies less than 0.05% of the world map, is home to close to 5% of the planet's biodiversity. The country produces plants, flowers and foliage, tropical fruits, and roots and tubers that provide international markets not only with variety but a myriad of health benefits.

During the current global crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus pandemic, Costa Rica has united its producers to continue supplying the world with high quality products, packed with healthy nutrients, that reflect the commitment of the Ticos to support the rest of the world.


High quality & healthy nutrients within products that are grown with passion


Plants, Flowers and Foliage

Positive effects on health, including preventing depression, reducing stress and anxiety ...


Tropical & Exotic Fruits

Color, flavor and nutritional properties, the perfect combination...


Roots and tubers

Exotic products, excellent flavor, nutritional and immunological benefits...


Sea food

Sustainable wild catch fisheries committed in guarantee traceability and freshness with social responsibility practices.


We continue to source the world with






Quality products are found in every corner of the country

Beauty and freshness backed by international standards, thanks to important certifications

Together we can overcome even the greatest of challenges

In addition to providing the world with quality, innovation and diversity, Costa Rican products are backed by the best foreign trade promoter in the world, PROCOMER, the institution responsible for promoting the export of Costa Rican goods and services across the globe. In addition to this, the trade promoter strives to simplify and facilitate export procedures, satisfying the demands of international buyers of the ample and diverse Costa Rican offer, through long-term commercial relationships.

Costa Rican Trade Promotion Offices Around the World

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